Public Safety

  • Reduce crime – continue to maximize the effectiveness of our police officers and department in lean times
  • Focus city resources on areas of high criminal activity–Improve police access and use of technology and real-time crime center
  • Continue to support the Fire Department initiatives to increase emergency response efficiencies
  • Reduce flooding –increase retention/park opportunities, continue work on infrastructure
  • Improve interoperability, regional cooperation, regional disaster coordination and planning

Quality of Life

  • Improve air quality through enforcement and improved public transit
  • Improve tools in neighborhood protection—control illegal dumping, continue process of cross-training inspectors and improve output and efficiency
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the city’s public facilities including parks, libraries and multi-service facilities.

Smart Government

  • Intelligent and efficient use of tax dollars—continue to improve permitting, one-stop shop, online options for permits
  • Focus on improved capture of federal, state, non-profit dollars for City services
  • Improve regional relationships—Harris-Galveston Area Council, transportation councils, etc. ; use regional resources to fullest capacity